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Spring Mattresses
The spring mattresses offer a good support, evenly distributing the weight of the body. Have different characteristics depending on the type of spring / suspension and hence different degrees of firmness, with or without surface layers of comfort. Making possible different degrees of comfort, strength and durability.
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Bagged spring system combined with viscoelastic, that is, has independent rest areas combined with material of great recovery capacity after compression and high adaptability to the body, reducing pressure points and thus improving blood circulation for maximum comfort. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 407,00
Independent areas of rest. Breathable 3D track provides high ventilation. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 201,00
Mattress more economical and with the same firmness of the bonel springs. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 80,00
The simplicity and comfort in a mattress of bonnel springs. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 86,00
The simplicity of an orthopedic springs mattress, which brings together all the features for a comfortable rest Delivery time15/20 days
€ 112,00
Comfort, softness, color and durability. Mattress for dreaming and playing Delivery time15/20 days
€ 86,00
Maximum firmness and protection for your back. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 106,00
The simplicity and comfort in a mattress of bonel springs, with firmness and durability Delivery time15/20 days
€ 126,00
The simplicity and comfort in a mattress of bonel springs, with firmness and durability. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 128,00
Lumbar support. Extra firmness. With breathable band and stretch fabric Aloe Vera. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 158,00
Comfort, firmness and elegance. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 166,00
It combines the firmness of the bonel spring system with the comfort and elegance of the strech milk fabric. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 172,00
Ergonomics on a bonnel spring mattress, with stretch fabric and embroidery on the side sleeves. Comfort and elegance. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 186,00
Combination of the firmness of the block bonel springs with micro-massage sensation provided by the profile, allied to the great softness of the fabric strech with Bamboo treatment. Comfort gently firm and elegant. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 211,00
Spring mattress with viscoelastic and fabric with strech health guard. Protects tissues against insects and microorganisms responsible for infectious diseases and allergies. Not allowing odors. Protects the tissues of fungi, bacteria and dust mites. Repels mosquitoes and other insects. Does not allow the formation of unpleasant odors Delivery time15/20 days
€ 225,00
The combination of bonel springs with viscoelastic. Viscoelastic is a thermo-sensitive product, it reacts to our body's temperature making it more adaptable as the heat increases. Its bi-breathable stretch fabric makes the mattress very comfortable. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 244,00
Bamboo stretch fabric combined with bonel system and viscoelastic.Sensation of micro-massage. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 249,00
A mattress with two different sides. Perfect combination of the power of thermal viscoelastic recovery, the adaptability and natural ventilation of the latex with the firmness of the bonel springs block. To enjoy the two. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 264,00
The comfort in a stable mattress of bonel springs and 2cm of viscoelastic on each side. With stretch fabric Aloe Vera. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 284,00
The stability of the bonel system with the comfort of the topper. The ideal rest. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 323,00
The union of the bonel springs, which provides excellent stability, with the freshness on the viscogel surface. Comfortable, lightweight and flexible, high performance mattress, greater adaptability to body temperature and better breathability Delivery time15/20 days
€ 366,00
The novelty in mattresses bonel springs, with a layer of cork, raw material of excellence, which makes the mattress antiallergic, antistatic and resistant. The cork side strip makes it unique design and innovation, always thinking about your comfort and ecological concern Delivery time15/20 days
€ 404,00
Independent rest areas that provide maximum comfort. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 237,00
The ergonomics on a mattress with viscoelastic. Nights perfect and adaptable to your body. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 280,00
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