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Rolled mattresses
Are exactly what the name says: Mattresses that after finished, go through a special machine, lapping them to become easier to carry. This way you can easily carry it in your car without having to wait to schedule a delivery. Buy your now.
Pack 2 core mattresses, anatomical and with Aloe Vera fabric. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 151,00
3 in 1. Easy to transport, economical and comfortable. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 77,00
Easy-to-carry mattress with independent sleeping areas, quiet and non-deformable. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 78,00
New generation of coiled core mattresses with high comfort, open cell compounds that guarantee a great microclimate and easy transport. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 141,00
Adaptability and comfort on a rolled up mattress. Improves the quality of rest. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 160,00
Mattress wrapped with viscoelastic. Its adaptability allows great ability to take care of our body, our health and improve the quality of rest. 3D side strip for perfect ventilation. Easy to transport by being rolled up in a vacuum. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 163,00
Easy-to-transport core mattress with viscoelastic and pillow top. The quality on a rolled up mattress. It adapts to the contour of the body thanks to its malleable properties. Uniform and stable pressure on the whole body. Feeling light. Reacts to body heat. Quick recovery of the mattress. Easy to carry by being packed in a vacuum Delivery time15/20 days
€ 187,00
The new generation of rolled up mattresses with a viscograph layer that makes the mattress breathable, comfortable, heat resistant, durable and easy to carry. Delivery time15/20 days
€ 260,00
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