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Designers J-Z
These designers are responsible for the beautiful pieces that we offer in our design icons tab. Design is the constant search to sensitize the soul. Recognized around the world all these designer aim to innovate and create unique models, different and with glamor.


Joe Colombo
Joe Colombo, born on July 30, 1930 was an Italian industrial designer. He died on July 30, 1971
Josef Hoffmann
Josef Franz Maria Hoffmann, born on December 15, 1870, Brtnice, Czech Republic was an architect and Austrian product designer. Josef Hoffmann was one of the leaders of the group of artists and architects known as Vienna. He died on May 7, 1956, Vienna, Austria.
Marcel Breuer
Marcel Breuer, born on May 21, 1902, was an architect and American designer of Hungarian origin. Part of the first generation of students trained by Bauhaus, avant-garde school of architecture and design. This emigrated to the United States in 1937 and then went to work to the end of life, and is considered by some critics of the "last true functionalist architects." He died on July 1, 1981.
Philippe Starck
Philippe Starck-Patrick, born on January 18, 1949 (66 years) is a designer. Studied at the Ecole Nissim de Camondo. In 1979 he founded his own company, Starck Productions. She previously worked as a designer of products, furniture and interior when it was selected to develop a complete change of personnel apartment president of his country.
Poul Kjaerholm
Poul Kjaerholm born in 1929, was trained carpenter and continued his studies at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts. He had a particular interest in different construction materials; especially steel which he considered a natural material with the same artistic fineness as other materials. Thus, Poul Kjaeholm became an icon design. He died in 1980.
Xavier Pauchard
Xavier Pauchard (1880-1948), was a pioneer of galvanizing in France. Shortly after the First World War, based in Autun, Burgundy, he found himself in charge of a flourishing manufacturing domesicos galvanized sheet metal items, which at the time, embodied household comfort. It was in 1927 that he recorded the Tolix brand at the same time, the conversion for the 'production of chairs, armchairs, chairs and metal furniture.
Mies van der Rohe
Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (1886-1969) was probably one of the most influential architects of the first half of the 20th century is considered one of the world's masters of modern architecture. Born in Aachen - Germany, on March 27, 1886. Since the beginning of his career, influenced by the Dutch De Stijl studies, he developed an architectural design of pure lines. The ascetic style of Van der Rohe was reaffirmed by the expression used to use as servants of the justification of their projects, "less is more" or "less is more". He died in Chicago, Illinois, on August 17, 1969. tion interior daily