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Gel mattresses
Visco Gel, the latest technology in the field of rest adapts to the body and the gel gives the feeling of freshness. True orthopedic mattresses, gel and memory foam allow optimal pressure distribution and avoids malaise-
The union of the bonel springs, which provides excellent stability, with the freshness on the viscogel surface. Comfortable, lightweight and flexible, high performance mattress, greater adaptability to body temperature and better breathability Delivery time15/20 days
€ 366,00
The Gel's viscoelastic adaptability and freshness eliminates pressure from the resting surface on the body, allowing for more restful sleep and a perfect rest. One side of viscoelastic and another of viscoelastic combined with gel offers the maximum comfort and sensation of freshness. A mattress for all seasons. For the hottest nights and the coolest...
€ 339,00
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