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Dining tables
DINING TABLE is a piece of FURNITURE, usually made ​​of WOOD, METAL or GLASS. It is indispensable or irreplaceable in a house, and has multiple functions in private life, social and even religious. Surely it is the simplest piece of FURNITURE.


Glass , ceramic tables
The history of the TABLE is full of uncountless experiments of shapes and materials, some of them even considered impossible to use, or even unthinkable, like GLASS. Of course the most common (and for which the table is defined in the dictionary) is rectangular, but its use and its adaption to other situations makes the table assuming several SHAPES AND SIZES.
Wood tables
A TABLE can have multiple functions in HOUSE, depending on of each person's lifestyle. It may be used for entertaining guests, playing only this function, or can even be used for the whole family, used for daily meals or socializing.
Kitchen tables
Many families use the kitchen not only for cooking meals as also for taste. So it is necessary to adapt the space. The traditional table in the center of the kitchen is no longer the only option to create a dining space, because it is not very practical for small sites. It is necessary to find new and more functional solutions to these cases, see in our online store some examples of kitchen tables that you can buy.
Tables for catering
Is considering opening a cafe or a restaurant? Or maybe even a hotel? Great, go! Have a look at our online shop a smattering of tables that you can use in your space.
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Delivery time30 to 40 daysDimensions in cmL 180/280 H 78 D 100 (extension +50 +50)Finishing just like the picture: Matt white lacquer with metallic gray details
€ 1.044,00
Mindi wood table with white tint. Dimensions in cmW 200 D 100 H 76Delivery time15 to 20 days
€ 1.756,00
Round table made of mango wood with a white hue. Dimensions in cmW 100 D 100 H 76Delivery time15 to 20 days
€ 863,00
Oval dining table in walnut veneered wood. Dimensions in cmL 220 D 110 H 76Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 1.988,00
Extendable dining table in walnut-veneered wood and chromed stainless steel base. Dimensions in cmL 180/240 D 100 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 2.288,00
Extensible table with wooden structure in several possible finishes.Dimensions in cmL 160/210/260 D 100 H 76Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 2.350,00
Extensible table with structure in walnut.Dimensions in cmL 150/200 D 85 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 970,00
Dining table made of walnut veneered wood with mirrored side glass. Black epoxy painted steel structure and walnut veneered wood legs. Dimensions in cmL 220 D 110 H 76Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 1.610,00
Extendable round dining table with automatic rotating opening. Made of ash wood and walnut veneer wood. Square base in a pyramidal shape. Dimensions in cmL 80/140 D 140 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 2.086,00
Square dining table made of wood veneered in natural walnut and central detail in black tinted glass.Dimensions in cmL 140 D 140 H 79Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 1.978,00
Round dining table in tempered glass and walnut-colored pine wood.Dimensions in cmØ 150 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 1.932,00
Round dining table in tempered glass and walnut-colored pine wood.Dimensions in cmØ 150 H 74Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 1.956,00
Round table with structure in solid wood in colour of walnut with the possibility of lacquering in other colors with tempered glass top and base in stainless steel.Dimensions in cmØ 110 H 78Ø 120 H 78 Ø 130 H 78 Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 1.766,00
Round table with structure in solid walnut wood with tempered glass top.Dimensions in cmØ 130 H 75Ø 140 H 75Ø 150 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 1.864,00
Dining table with fixed tempered glass top, main leg in walnut veneer and auxiliary legs in chromed stainless steel.Dimensions in cmL 120 D 120 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 990,00
Rectangular dining table with walnut-veneered wood top and tempered glass legs.Dimensions in cmL 200 D 100 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 1.594,00
Dining table with glass top and base in walnut wood sheetDimensions in cmL 140 D 95 H 75L 150 D 95 H 75L 160 D 95 H 75L 180 D 95 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 950,00
Dining table with glass 12 mm top and base in walnut wood sheet Dimensions in cmL 160 D 95 H 75L 180 D 95 H 75L 200 D 95 H 75L 220 D 95 H 75Delivery time20 to 30 days
€ 1.360,00
Dining room table with Walnut veneer wooden based and white porcelain marble tabletop.Dimensions in cmL 260 D 120 H 75Delivery time20 to 30 days
€ 5.094,00
Table with structure in walnut wood.Dimensions in cmL 180 D 95 H 75L 200 D 95 H 75L 220 D 95 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 2.622,00
Dining room table with extensions. Base made of solid wood with walnut veneer and ceramic tabletop.Dimensions in cmL 180/230 D 90 H 75Delivery time20 to 30 days
€ 2.352,00
Extendable dining table with tempered glass top and walnut veneer baseDimensions in cmL 160/240 D 90 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 1.551,00
Dining table with rectangular extending top in white porcelain and black glass. Walnut coloured veneered wood legs.Dimensions in cmL 180/235 D 90 H 75Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 2.174,00
Dining table with oval extendable top in white porcelain. Matte black painted steel base.Dimensions in cmL 120/178 D 90 H 77Delivery time30 to 40 days
€ 1.830,00
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