Terms and conditions 

The online store site www.intense-mobiliario.com is the responsibility of Intense Interior, as well as its management and operation. We are a company specialized in the sale of furniture and interior decoration, we sell our products in our showroom and by distance via Internet, telephone and fax.


1. Subject
These Terms and Conditions are presented to define the selling arrangements between Intense-mobiliario.com and their customers down clear-cut. Customer is the title of these general conditions, any natural or legal person ordering on the site www.intense-mobiliario.com whether particular customer or not

1.1 Range of application
These Terms and Conditions governing the sale of products from the site www.intense-mobiliario.com
They are applied, whether the order has been made by Internet, mail, phone, fax or mail.


1.2 Customer Acceptance
The fact of the customer to verify your order request leads automatically to express acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale.
These Conditions shall apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, failing agreement signed by both parties.
The purchase by mail, by phone, by fax or postal mail also implies the acceptance of gifts. They can be read directly on the website. They may also be sent by email, fax or mail on request.


1.3 Modification of the Terms & Conditions
Intense Interiores reserves the right to change without notice conditions of use and other regulations published on the website. So should regularly consult the conditions of use as the continued use of the website implies the unreserved acceptance of the changes made to them and subjection to the latest version.
A version of this regulation has a precise date, orders are thus managed by the Terms in use and therefore effective on the date of the order.


1.4 Characteristic of the products
Intense Interiores strives to provide the best, the essential characteristics of the products in collaboration with our partners. A confirmation of technical data can always contact our Commercial Service or by sending an e-mail.
The products offered are in line with European legislation in force and applicable standards in Europe.


1.5 User Manual
Intense Interiores strives to provide, whenever possible, the user manual in the language of the consumer. There is, unfortunately situations where it may not be provided on paper, but only in computerized or make its download directly from the Internet.


1.6 Prices

1.6.1 Sales prices indicated on the website are in Euros.
The values for Portugal mainland and islands appear when added to the cart after registration on the site with delivery included in the level of the ground floor, but without assembly.

If you would like the heavy products that require to be delivered by 2 persons and are taken to higher levels and assembled should request budget.
Shipping costs to other countries in Europe and rest of the world should be ordered through the budget.

Shipping costs to other countries in Europe and the rest of the world must be ordered by email which will be given through a budget.

1.6.2 If the prices of partners Indoor Intense suffering any type of change, the prices displayed on the site are therefore liable to be altered at any time.

1.6.3 All prices quoted are correct unless error in entering the data.
If an order is made on an item whose price is wrong reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the amount paid to the customer.

2. Value Added Tax (VAT)

2.1 Application
The VAT applies to sales concluded with residents of the European Union. It does not apply to non EU Portuguese featuring a number of VAT.

VAT does not apply to export sales (Countries outside the European Union).
The invoice accompanying the goods and certifies that VAT was paid.

The EU VAT number must be quoted at the time you place your order and validated by Intense Interiores. The customer is informed and agrees that all orders where the VAT number is not mentioned or is not validated by our company will be invoiced C / VAT.


3. Order

3.1 Preparation of order
When the customer places his order through the site, please complete the form submitted. Before validating the commission should review the form to confirm the data. Intense Interior is not responsible for the mistakes of sending e-mails, or the mistakes of shipping orders due to poorly filled forms.


3.2 Order Confirmation
The order confirmation is sent to the customer by email automatic subject to the email address given does not show any errors.

3.3 Cancellation of request
Any customer may cancel your order at any time, unless it has been billed. In this case, if the client does not really want the products ordered, it must accept the request and return the same at its expense (see Returns), or return unopened, citing "order refused." If the customer has ordered via internet site, you may cancel your order by phone, fax or email. If the customer refuses delivery of the order, shall be deducted the amount of shipping and returning to the initial amount of your refund.
They are not accepted exposure product returns purchased with discount promotion for this.



3.4 Availability of products
Our product offerings and prices are valid while within visible on our website and within the limits of available stock. More extensive information can be given by phone, fax or email.
If Intense Interiores is unable to obtain a product from suppliers deadline, the customer will be informed of order status via email. Thus, the client should not make payment until you have our confirmation of the delivery date.


4. Payment
Intense furniture and interiors in addition to the full payment on the order gives the possibility of the customer to choose to pay 50% on the order and the remaining amount before delivery is made
In case of partial shipment of an order, only the value of the goods shipped will be charged.
Intense reserves the right to refuse an order.

4.1 Method of Payment
The customer can pay using the following payment methods:

4.1.1 ATM.

4.1.2 Wire Transfer.

4.1.3 Cheque

4.1.4 PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express


4.2 Lack of payment
Intense furniture and interiors reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or satisfy a request from a customer who has not paid in full.
All payments must be made before delivery is made.

4.3 Control Anti-fraud
The bounced checks and all sorts of abusive forgery of checks or cards will be subject to immediate legal action.

4.4 Retention of title
Intense Interiores owns the goods until your payment by the customer.
If customer with a checking account in Intense Interiores, payment shall be made as previously agreed conditions. Valid for Professional Clients

5. Invoice, Sale Cash
The order made online by the customer does not serve as an invoice.
Whatever the type of application for order and payment method, the customer only gets a cash sale or invoice along with the goods on delivery.

6. Deadlines

6.1 Deadlines for preparation of the order
Orders placed over the Internet are handled in the order of arrival from Monday to Sunday.
The period for processing an order varies depending on the date indicated with each product.

6.2 Deadlines for transportation
The terms of transport of goods are indicated by Intense Interiores or by the carrier. These are sent to the client for guidance on working days, and also depend on the accuracy of the address supplied by the customer on the date of the order as well as its readiness to receive the order. Failure to meet these deadlines by the carrier can not in any way engage the responsibility of Intense Interiores. These deadlines are given to the customer when the goods are shipped.


7th. Expedition
Just make deliveries from 2nd to 6th Thursday, and always advise advance with a minimum of 48 hours.


7.1 Packaging
The products are packaged to be shipped and packaged so that they arrive at the place of delivery in perfect condition taking into account customer satisfaction.

7.2 Confirmation
If the customer made his request on the website, you will receive an automatic email confirmation of the order. The order will only be paid after our confirmation of the delivery date and will only be processed after payment confirmation signal so. If the email does not reach the customer for technical reasons, it should contact the telephone Intense Interiores.


7.3 Monitoring sending
Where the goods are dispatched by carrier We disclose the name and contact details of mesma.O order tracking depends on the carrier and is under the responsibility of mesma.Intense Interior is not responsible for schedules, errors or mishaps that may occur will carrier and that may limit the possibility of delivery of the order as agreed.


7.4 Shipping Costs
For the delivery of the product (s) want (s) to add to the shopping cart the same product and indicate your country and postal code of the delivery location and get the exact amount of shipping if any. This calculation is done according to the rules in weight-volume, location of the order given by the carrier or the value of it because after a certain amount of postage are gratuitos.O customer can always choose to lift the order on our premises without any associated cost of postage.
The postage values are only relative to Mainland Portugal and Islands and at the level of the ground floor, without assembly. If you intend that heavy products that require to be delivered by 2 people and that are taken to higher levels and assembled should request a quote. Shipping costs to other countries in Europe and the rest of the world must be ordered by email using a budget.

. Delivery

8.1 Place of delivery
Orders are delivered to the address of delivery indicated by the customer on the order form but the level of the ground floor, prices do not include transport to the upper floors and assembly unless the same is agreed by both parties.


8.2 Absence on the day of delivery
You will be informed of the expected delivery date of your order. Must indicate a delivery address where someone is always present between 8am and 21pm. In the case of shipment by the carrier if delivery is not achieved, will be informed of the date and time that the carrier was present and there will be a new delivery attempt on a day to match the same. If delivery is made by Intense Intense Interior the same will have to be made on the appointed day, under penalty of having to stay indefinitely to deliver up to us to organize another load for the zone.


8.3 Deadlines
The estimated delivery time is what is indicated next to each product.


8.4 Loss orders by airlines
In this case, Intense Interiores is required to meet the deadlines imposed by the carrier relating to forfeiture and refund of shipping. Thus, the client should also wait for these periods: - therefore has a maximum of 30 working days from receipt of the email confirmation of shipping your order to declare lost along the Intense Interiores. Beyond this period no claim will be accepted.

- On the other hand, if the customer said the loss of order within the time limit, Intense Interior must open the complaint process. In this case, you may ask Indoor Intense customer documents required for opening of the complaint process. The latter should provide the data requested as quickly as possible.

- Finally, the definitive answers concerning the investigation are given by the carrier within a period ranging from 1 to 3 weeks. There can be two types of situations: either the order is recovered and returned to the customer under normal procedures, or the order is declared as lost by the carrier and Intense Interior informs the customer to make a second shipment of the order or be refunded the invoiced value according to customer preference.


8.5 Receipt of Order
We recommend that all orders must be delivered checks and controls, and that the client make any notes about the product status tab of delivery of the carrier in case of partial or total deterioration. If delivery is made by Intense Interiores it should be pointed out that our staff was making the same.
Without appropriate annotations customer the order can not be challenged later with the Intense Interiores.
The verification of the status of the product is considered to take place since the guide bearings signed.

8.5.1 If the product is damaged, please send us the photograph and the photo to the email apoio@Intense-mobiliario.com within a maximum of 24 hours in order to drive the transport insurance.

8.5.2 Any package received at our facility without identifying the sender or sent to recovery will not be accepted.


8.6 Error content order
On receipt of the order by the customer, the latter shall indicate by phone, fax or mail along Intense Interiores of the claim of non-conformity of products in type, quality or quantity compared with the data of the order placed.

Complaints for non-compliance must be made within 24 hours of delivery of the order.

Claims not made in accordance with the rules set forth above and in due time will not be accepted by Intense Interiores.


8.7 strikes or force majeure events
In case of a strike of transporters or other exceptional event that delays or prevents delivery of the order, Intense Interiores inform the customer of the delivery status.

8.8 Export Control Laws and Places
You should check with local authorities in their area of ​​residence of the conditions of entry of goods ordered and shall perform all kind of declaration and / or payment from the relevant bodies of the countries concerned.

You should check with local authorities in their area of ​​residence of the possibilities of import or use of the products or services that you order.

You shall ensure that the technical specificities own builder to comply with the legislation of the country concerned.

If you do not respect the law of the country where the goods enter, Intense Interior can not be held liable.


9. Returns

9.1 Procedures and conditions for returns

9.1.1 Conditions
The customer has the right to return the purchase within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of delivery of the good / order unless the cancellation causes any damage to Intense.
In this case, if the customer does not really want the products ordered, he must accept the payment of all expenses incurred until the moment of cancellation, return of the order.

If the consumer chooses to be refunded, that refund will be made within 30 days of receiving the product by Intense Interiores.

If you wish to make a return to pre-enter in contact with us via e-mail apoio@Intense-mobiliario.com through telephone number 255 863 406ou may apply to our facilities by making follow compulsorily purchase invoice and tell us if you want to make the exchange of goods or a refund.


9.1.2 State of packing
Items returned must be in perfect condition, complete and properly packed in the original package and without any signs of actual use.

In case of withdrawal or customer error shipping costs and returns will be the responsibility of the customer.


9.1.3 Internal Error
Intense Interiores is responsible for return postage and for reference if there is an internal error and the product shipped does not match the request. If you want to make an exchange for another item different, the return postage and for the new post will be the customer's responsibility.


9.1.4 Defects source
Intense Interiores is responsible for return postage and for reference if the product is faulty source. In this situation the exchange will have to be performed by the same procedure. If you want to make an exchange for another item different, the return postage and for the new post will be the customer's responsibility.


9.1.5 Damage due to the Transportation
Intense Interiores is responsible for return postage and if the court order if damaged during shipping. In this situation the exchange will have to be performed by the same procedure. If you want to make an exchange for another item different, the return postage and for the new post will be the customer's responsibility.

Important Note: We recommend you pay attention to the state outside of the package, it may reflect a possible damage to the product.

At the time of delivery and in the presence of the courier should check the condition of the product before signing the Guide Portes and thus accepting the order.

If the product is damaged, please send us the photograph and the photograph to apoio@Intense-mobiliario.comnum email within 24 hours to be able to drive the transport insurance.
The verification of the status of the product is considered to take place since the guide Portes signed.


9.1.6 Any package received at our facility without identifying the sender or sent to recovery will not be accepted.


9.1.7 Sizes and colors
Articles that are on this site and colors that approximate as closely as possible the genuine, but remember that in some cases may not correspond 100% to reality. For specific cases, please check all information with the technical department before ordering, since the returns for technical reasons will be the responsibility of the customer.


9.1.8 Personalized Goods
The returns, cancellations or refunds do not apply to personalized goods, this situation under the law:

"Supply of goods produced or ordered according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized can not be returned."


9.1.9 Shipping Costs by withdrawal
In case of withdrawal or customer error shipping costs and returns will be the responsibility of the customer.


9.2 Decree-Law
The information concerning the right to terminate the contract by the consumer (private client) is described in detail in Decree-Law n. º 143/2001 and Decree-Law n. º 82/2008.
Concerning the right to terminate the contract on the part of companies, institutions, Liberal Professionals and Entrepreneurs sole proprietorship applies to general law of the Portuguese Civil Code, in particular those laid down in Decree-Law 67/2003.


10. Privacy and Security

1.10 We use the information we collect through the website for order processing and possible promotion of our products. Do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to third parties.

10.2 The payment of your purchases by ATM is made through a payment system specially designed for Intense Interiores, which through the use of different databases of information, ensures increased security and privacy.

10.3 After login, you can access the Client Area. There will have access to the form where you can enter or update all your personal data. To exercise your right of access, under the applicable law on the protection of personal data, including make other adjustments to your data, please contact us by email or phone.


10.4 By registering at Intense Interiores client undertakes to properly fill registration forms, providing true information. The safety record is guaranteed by access code associated with it, committing the client to make a personal, nontransferable your username and password, including not allowing their use and understanding by others.

The User agrees to use the information they have access to private purposes only.


10.5 The login information will be known only to yourself and Intense-mobiliario.com. Intense-mobiliario.com undertakes not to disclose, in any case, this code. Given the nature of information on the login, Intense-mobiliario.com can not be held responsible for inappropriate use that its customers do the same.


10.6 We aim to offer a quality service, therefore, reserve the right to adapt our procedures at any time.

10.7 By accessing Web sites through links provided by Intense Interiores, you agree that the information obtained through these links was produced by independent, not taking any responsibility Indoor Intense editorial about it. The links are provided solely by way of illustration, that the Intense-mobiliario.com is unaware of any consequences of accessing them.


8.10 Intense Interiores is not responsible for any delay, suspension or interruption in the transmission of information in this site, resulting from circumstances beyond its control.


11. Intellectual Property

11.1 The User is not authorized, under any circumstances and is by any means whatsoever, store, copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, sell or otherwise make available to third parties who have access to information under this use unless for private purposes only and free of charge. The User is solely responsible for the misuse of information they have access to within this site.


11.2 The User acknowledges the intellectual property rights of Intense Interiores on content / site elements that do not come from a third party, identified as such, including the graphic design of the page, text, images, graphics, logos, brands and domains, not meeting the user allowed to reproduce, copy, modify, distribute or in general, any action which, under applicable law constitutes a violation of the rights they Intense Interior holds. Any misuse of these rights constitutes the crime of counterfeiting, severely sanctioned by the Intellectual Property Code.


12. Product Information

12.1 Intense Interiores does not distribute paper catalog.

12.2 The photos of the products featured in Intense Interiores are the sole responsibility of our partners and used with permission from them.


13. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

13.1 The User is responsible for any cost, expense, damage or loss, regardless of its nature, supported by Intense-mobiliario.com because of failure by the user of these "Terms and Conditions".


13.2 In case of dispute the jurisdiction is the District of Paços Ferreira, Portugal expressly waiving any other.

13.4 In case of dispute the consumer may resort to one of the following Entity

Alternative resolution of consumer disputes: 

Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo de Lisboa

Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Vale do Ave/Tribunal Arbitral

CIAB – Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Consumo (Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo)

CNIACC – Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo

Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Distrito de Coimbra

Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Algarve

Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto


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