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What we do and who we are?

Intense interiores is a company dedicated to the sale of furniture and home decor, office, commercial and hospitality spaces either in person or via online, is last with the goal of enabling our customers to buy what they want in a practical and convenient without leaving your home or workplace. We provide our clients the opportunity to be able to buy quality products and gain useful ideas for decorating their homes, offices, offices, bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and other activities.

Intense Interiores has extensive experience in this area of ​​business, we follow all the latest market needs and desires more innovative dosnossos customers.

This experiment results either in the product made by our own manufacture which do any part of the space as well as a parceriaalargada suppliers of modern furniture and decoration, which judiciously selected based on padrõeselevados quality and design, in addition to the competitive price, since these are critical to the successful implementation of business with our customers. Much of the furniture and sofas selected by Intense Mobiliáro e Interiores come from our own manufacture and from small and medium-sized factories that are located in the municipalities of Paredes and Paços de Ferreira and are Portuguese, working as partners of Intense Interiores .


Our goal is to have a wide variety of quality furniture, sofas and decoration, enabling our customers to acquire what they want in a practical and convenient way without leaving their home or workplace.
In this way, we hope to respond to the needs of our customers, taking advantage of the potential of the internet channel and applying them to the furniture sector, creating a beneficial relationship for both, with all our know-how, seriousness, honesty and professionalism.
Note: The photos of the products featured in Intense Interiors are the sole responsibility of our suppliers and used with permission from them.


Name: Intense Interiores
Group: Contradiction Mobiliário

Address: Rua do Multipark 1 nº 23
4595-542 - Seroa
 Paços Ferreira - Portugal


Phone: +351 255 863 406*
Mobile phone: + 351 918 908 109**

(* call to national fixed network)
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E-mail: lojaonline@intense-mobiliario.com
Site: www.intense-mobiliario.com