The bespoke furniture…….


INTENSE INTERIOR makes all sorts of furniture and interior decoration from, WARDROBES, CLOSETS, WC FURNITURE, CURTAINS, CARPETS, perform all kinds of FURNITURE and SOFAS, customized according to your specifications and needs SPACE.

Send us a floor plan of your home with measurements and a detailed description of what you want, you like to see more colors in each ENVIRONMENT, what kind of finish you prefer, what kind of coatings want that functionality you want for each MOBILE and present a proposal of DECOR.

The INTERIOR DESIGN is a technique scenic and visual composition and decoration of indoor environments HOMES, OFFICES, PUBLIC, etc..

Consists in the art and technique of planning and organizing spaces, or choosing and combining the various elements of an environment, establishing relationships AESTHETIC and functional, in relation to what is to be produced. The INTENSE INTERIOR harmonizes in a given space, furniture, and accessories such as curtains and carpets, seeking to reconcile comfort, practicality and beauty. COLORS plans, materials, finishes and LIGHTING using everything according to the environment and adapting the project to the needs, tastes and the availability of funds, the customer. Administers the project DECORATION, establishes timelines, sets deadlines, sets budgets, projected sales areas, or HOMES PUBLIC SPACES in places.

Ask our email services CONSULTING FURNITURE and INTERIOR ........ we are at your disposal!