• The Gel's viscoelastic adaptability and freshness eliminates pressure from the resting surface on the body, allowing for more restful sleep and a perfect rest. One side of viscoelastic and another of viscoelastic combined with gel offers the maximum comfort and sensation of freshness. A mattress for all seasons. For the hottest nights and the coolest evenings.

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  • Visco stretch gel fabric.
  • 1 Side: viscoelastic with gel and comfort covers.
  • Visco foam 10mm density 50kg / m3 gel 1mm1000kg / m3.
  • Foam polyether soft 20mm density 20kg / m3.
  • Foam polyether 10mm density 20kg / m3.
  • 2 Side: viscoelastic and comfort cover.
  • Visco foam 10mm density 50kg / m3.
  • Foam cover polyether 15mm density 20kg / m3.
  • Polyethylene foam core.

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