Delivery time
30 to 45 days

Dimensions in cms
/ Prices
Mattress bed 150x195 - 698,00€
L 168 H 130  D 209

Bedside table - 240,00€ (unity)
L 65  H 48  D 45

Chest of drawers - 617,00€
L 130  H 90  D 50

Frame - 98,00€
L 120 H 80  D 2.5

Finish just like the picture: White matte lacquer with golden details.

Available for reservation

Reservation rule: 50%

Reservation fee: € 946,50

€ 1.893,00

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Product Specifications
MDF, chipboard, mirror
Bed with slatted bed base included (mattress not included)
Lift platform option (adds 190,00 € to the final value of the bed)

We make any changes to the product however it is subject to prior budget.

Maintenance and Cleaning
Clean with a dry cloth
To remove stains, use a damp cloth and then wipe with a dry cloth

Measurement legend
(L) Length (H) Height (D) Depth