Delivery time
15 to 20 days

Dimensions in cm
120 x 180 - Small
150 x 230 - Medium
180 x 280 - Large
Note: Approximate measurements

Product Specifications
Composition: 100% Cowhide
Usage: Indoor

Available for reservation

Reservation rule: 50%

Reservation fee: € 244,50

€ 489,00

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Maintenance and Cleaning
Never wash the skin or wet it completely;
Never brush patterned skins;
Never use alcohol or solvent to clean the skin;
Avoid exposure to the sun and/or very intense lights;
Avoid putting on soiled or high-grade skin site of:
Clean with abrasive materials, Avoid such as hard bristle brushes or abrasive sponges
Avoid cleaning the skin with cleaning equipment

For regular cleaning: vacuum.
For deep cleaning: Request service from a specialized company.

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