Sofa bed with chaiselong, modern with design in the various possible coatings

Delivery time

30 to 45 days

Dimensions in cm
/ Prices
2 seater sofa bed - 1.989,00 €
L 255 D 145/100 H 100

3 seater sofa bed - 2.107,00 €
L 285 D 145/100 H 100

Available for reservation

Reservation rule: 50%

Reservation fee: € 994,50

€ 1.989,00

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Product Specifications
Fabric lining
Possibility of other coatings upon request
Wooden structure
Interior with first quality foam and straps
Reclining headrest
Sliding seat

Metallic feet
Chaiselong width 106 cm

Note: Left or right chaiselong is considered when looking at the sofa from the front

Maintenance and Cleaning
Clean with a dry cloth To remove stains, use a damp cloth and then wipe with a dry cloth

Measurement legend

(L) Length (D) Depth (H) Height

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