HC Plus + block. High Confort Plus, high firmness, durability and stability. Open cell material that allows air to circulate to achieve excellent breathing and adaptability. The high density offers perfect behavior over time. Free of substances harmful to the environment and human body.

Height: +/- 27cm

Delivery time
15/20 Days

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Reservation rule: 50%

Reservation fee: € 423,00

€ 846,00

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Quilted Fibersoft and hypoallergenic fibers. High quality compact fiber with open structure. Hypoallergenic that reduces the risk of producing allergic reactions. It guarantees the breathing of the mattress, maintaining a constant temperature and favoring ventilation.


Stretch fabric. Elastic fabric that favors maximum adaptation to the inner block and breathing of the mattress.

Optigrade behavior. Thermoregulatory property that balances the body's temperature and humidity conditions, favoring hygienic and healthy rest.

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